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Self Portrait of Curiosity

Self portrait by Curiosity

See that landscape? It looks like straight out of a sci-fi movie! Does it look any different from ours? Without knowing that this is from Mars, given only portions of this photo, it is so easy to mistake it for some desert landscape from our own planet.

See the sky? Looks a bit cloudy and as if it is going to rain. See that black streak under the small hilltop? Looks like an ancient river left its imprints there, the alluvial soil just waiting for the right conditions to sprout some plants. It seems as if just round the edge of this hilltop, you will find some plants and shrubs! Look at the sand at its feet! Imagine it running through your hands…. Martian sand!

Do you also see the sharp contrast in color between the two edges of the composite? It is of course obvious that these were taken at different times, but imagine living in such a contrasting environment!

It gives me the goosebumps just imagining these things, sitting here, that this image has been taken at least an average distance of 225 million km.