Ok, I am going to get a lot of flak for this entry. I am talking of the series that ended more than five years ago and not about my friends. Well now that I say it out loud, it does seem weird that the series ended so long ago although with all the reruns in so many different channels, it’s hard to miss it!

Well, to be honest, and to announce it publicly, I am a friends-addict! I have all the seasons and end up watching them over and over and over!!!! I now almost know all the dialogues verbatim and if you give me a dialogue randomly, chances are, i can precisely tell you who said that to whom!!! Every night when I am about to sleep I put it on hoping and imagining I can handle just one bit or few bits here and there but end up watching episode after episode every night!!!!!!!! Well, as I said, I am addicted and I need something else to de-addict me from it!!!!

Favorite moments

Well there are too many favorite moments, but to me the best pieces of dialogue have gone to Chandler and Phoebe. But recently I found even Ross had some very funny moments and his trademark quirkiness was, well quite endearing!!!

So, best moments… I don’t know, and as I said there are quite a few. Here are just a few which I can readily recollect (and cross check at, the best website I think for Friends…)

  • One is when the boys get the girl’s apartment and how competitively they win it!!! That is quite great to know if there is someone who can so precisely point out and know your pet peeves, ‘real’ favorite movies, menstrual cycles and still don’t know where you work! (TOW the embryos 4.12)
  • Phoebe not having a ‘pla’ in her life in “TOW George Stephanopolous (1.04)” (I don’t know if i got that name right!)!!!
  • The old man trying his shot at Phoebe through his dead wife’s unfulfilled wishes in the “TOW Lesbian Wedding (2.11)”
  • Chandler in the ending of “TOW the Racecar bed (3.07)”, I mean I don’t remember ever laughing that hard the first time I saw it…
  • I think the best pair for Chandler was Kathy, and she was reallllllllllllly good too!!! All the scenes between the two are like so great!!! That’s the one time I think Chandler really went head over heals in love!
  • The inability of Chandler to control himself from making fun of people… great… (TOW all the resolutions 5.11)
  • The Holiday Armadillo was another really great episode… (7.10)
  • Ross’s tan (10.3) and Princess Consuela Banana Hammock (10.14)!!!

Why, why, why Friends!?

That’s a question my dad would definitely ask me! To anyone ever not interested in such mindless sitcoms, it is just boring lines said by dumb people and artificial laugh in the background (which I knida agree with, it is not always so funny to hear those laughs!)

But I think the biggest draw for it (more than the innuendo) is the concept of friends who are there for you always, people whom you don’t have to impress always and can just be comfortable with, who will not judge you. Which can also mean that they don’t much care about you.

But isn’t it like your birthright to screw your own life!?

Life magazine has, I guess, one of the finest collection of photographs taken for at least over a century. Here, I am starting a link to their site with some very interesting photos from around the world.

That said, it is sad that not all of them tell what they say. For example, here is a photo essay which titles, “America’s wars: Bloodiest Battles”. However, except for the first few on it’s civil war and the last on Vietnam, there is nothing more in them that talk of the American wars!”

Make what you may of these images.

An American father is being mistreated in Japanese jail. Which I agree is bad.

But how come CNN is totally ignorant and doesn’t know anything about one Vikram Budhi!? They’re just so blind to things happening in their own backyard but take the baton whenever something happens to US citizens outside their country!

CNN, please wake up! Your Indian counterpart is talking on it. So should you.

I met Voldemort. He was no longer the Lord every wizard feared the most. Harry had taken care of that. And that is why he fled England and came to India. More specifically, to my town in Andhra, and has learnt our local language, Telugu. I don’t know what he is doing for a living though.

However, when I met him and talked to him, he was still the arrogant lad, remembering his yester years. That ticked me off and I caught his finger and bent it. He, at first, did not wince in pain. He kept talking coolly of how he was far better than the rest of the wizards and I had to remind him that Dumbledore and Harry must have made him aware, at least by now, that they knew things that he, even as Lord Voldemort did not know! And now with his more diminished form, he should not go around making tall claims. By now I had been bending his finger for quite some time and I continued to do so for few more seconds and left him.

I took few steps but couldn’t help wonder what happened to him and when I returned, there he was, crying in pain. That was the moment when I feared he was going to hurt me back. But then he did not and continued to cry. And that was the moment I realized he was broken.

I said to him, “See bro, you were great! You were really good, but you did not care for others! You thought you did not need anyone. You killed people left, right and center to get the things you wanted done-”

“They did not need me!” he interjected.

“Yes, because they were people who feared you, and loathed you and your wrath. And more than love, they were afraid what you would do to them if they did not follow your orders! It was not love and so they did not need you! Show them care and you will wonder how many of us will follow you! You can be good! Be good, and we will be your disciples!”

– x – x – x – x –

Now that I think of it, thank goodness he didn’t have his wand with him, apart from the fact that he was not on his home ground, and wasn’t even the shadow of what he once was. Else I wouldn’t have lasted a few seconds!

This, of course, by now you must have realized, was my dream.