Monthly Archives: June 2015

Before email became the norm, hand written mails were the principal mode of written communication adopted equally by common man and royalty alike. Prominent people of the society not only conducted regular business through this way but also used it for matters of confidence. The published letters of quite a few leaders and scientists have caused much interest. The discovery of hitherto unpublished correspondence is nothing short of a sensation in itself.

If that’s the way public treats letters already written and sent to someone else, imagine what would happen if we were to discover the load of text that never got completed! Perhaps they were rough ideas, unfinished and incomplete thoughts. Imagine how many parchments would have been wasted on writing love letters from any of the real life counterparts of Romeo and Juliet? Imagine if we could lady our hands on letters from Scottish leaders to their English Lords asking them to shut it, but afraid to start off a new war, just wrote them to expend their frustrations and shelved it. Or imagine if a famous contemporary of Galileo wanted to defend his ideas but couldn’t finish it or thought better off it!

Now look at all the drafts saved in your emails and blogs and SMSes and think what will happen if the world comes to know of them all?

A lot has changed since the last time I posted.  I’ve moved to another country and we welcomed a new family member into our fold, the latest bud of a leaf. While this doesn’t exonerate me from my responsibility to post, at least I’ve an alibi.

As always, I’ll try to make another fresh start.