Siddharth number

I hereby declare to the general public, at large, that I have just invented a new number that I am proud to say is dedicated to the name of it’s creator. It will be called Siddharth number (NS). I am positively positive this new number, just like Reynold’s number and Prandtl’s number, will be used more often in everyday usage than it’s two illustrious predecessors.

But before that, a brief history of it’s creation. See I have a knack, and am very gifted in it. I believe (and I think I will have many seconding my belief) that I have inherited some very quirky traits from my parents. But of all of them the one I’m most proud of is my ability to sleep in an instant (and I will not divulge from whom I have inherited it, although I must add that my mum is a light sleeper.) And it is indeed an instant, as fast as 30 seconds ~ 1 minute I guess; I never measured, but I will do that one day (of course someone else will time me while I’ll be busy trying to fall asleep). However, that is not what the the number would stand for, the minimum amount of time taken for someone to fall asleep.

We call people, make an appointment and promise we will call / meet them at such-and-such (is it a typical Indian expression?) a place on such-and-such (is it a typical… sorry I already asked that question) a time. And then sometimes we totally forget about it and go about doing other work till the circuits reconnect somewhere in the brain and we remember about our rendezvous. However, this would again be not what the number would stand for, the number of times someone misses appointments by forgetting by the reason of doing something else, however (non-?)productive.

Some other times we come across people (like me) who just fall asleep at the exact time, not deliberately mind you, but just because they just tend to fall asleep in a wink. And once again this would not be primary focus of the number, the number of times someone falls asleep forgetting about some appointment.

With this prologue, I define Siddharth number as:

Siddharth number (NS)= Number of phone calls on your mobile missed from the person with whom you had fixed the appointment
Where provided
you did not  deliberately fall asleep,
or pretend to be asleep,
but just truly fell asleep,
that too within fractions of minute,
extendable up to a maximum of 3 minutes and 5 seconds,
or that you are not avoiding the calls deliberately
it does not include calls from any other person


This number can be further upgraded to Siddharth’ number (NS’) by adding the square root (just for the fun of it) of the number of times the person has knocked on your room’s door.

I, the creator of this number, have set the threshold for NS at ‘19’, after which the number would be upgraded, by providing adequate proof, which may be updated unannounced by the (human) body responsible for overseeing of the proper implementation and usage of this number.

This is, as of now, the maximum number of calls I have missed from the person I had  made an appointment.

And the limit for NS’ is 21.23608.

Was just thinking of defining Siddharth’’ number (NS’’) to include physical jolts or rather the п power of them. I don’t think there has been any threshold for this set. As of now.

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  1. Sirisha said:

    uhmmm…very innovative….no boundaries…

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