Worst movie adaptation?

A book is always very difficult to be adapted into a movie. Someone can go paragraphs trying to describe a moment, while it has the same span on screen, a moment. Even though they say a picture is better than a thousand words, and a moving image should have a greater potential. I beg to differ that it is not always the case!

With all the commotion and discussions that went on during and after the release of “3 idiots”, and with so much praise showered on it from all ends I was a little skeptic, how could a single movie impress different generations (like my parents and friends)!? I have a very weird sense of marking movies worth watching, and those worth watching many times. Though I was laughed at for exactly the same, i.e. being skeptical of a movie which was liked by so many different people.

Well my hunch proved correct.

This is one of the worst movie adaptations of a book.

That Chetan Bhagat was really fighting that his book was mismashed into this horrendous movie filled with cliches is hard to understand. I think he should be very happy the movie looks nothing like the book. The book is, this time again, better than the movie. The review might seem harsh, but that the Perfectionist was working on this makes it even more culpable.

I want to list out the cliches in the movie and this time it was not at all difficult to predict what the next scene would be –

1. The minute Virus asks that student to ring up his dad, although honestly i expected the father to have another attack

2. Hero’s final triumph in setting the project of that boy

3. What would happen just as the camopter (new name i can take patent for? – shit some organization already has that registry name, which i think was very idiotic of me to think that no one else would have thought of that name) is being used to view it’s supposed original creator

4. Anyone who ever had difficulty in communicating to fathers will sympathize with Farhan, but not  in the simple way all disagreements are resolved!

5. Well another important question I had was how come Rancho never attended any interview!?

6. But the cream of the cake was the finale. A baby delivered using vacuum cleaner chord (I’m no expert on that subject, but I have a very tangible fear that someone will try that and I don’t know how effective and safe that procedure is) on the instructions of a hopelessly frantic girl, with an incessantly Hermoine-like-worrisome-look, who has animatable props ready to demonstrate how an untrained person can deliver a baby; how someone can regulate the pressure of vacuum (how much was it? 0.1? man that technique should be learnt by all in the world and so much of pressure would be relieved!) just by holding it against your hand (god dammit did no one ever get their hands and clothes stuck or sucked into a vacuum pump before?) who is accompanied by an equally dumbfounded and astounded doctor who has never seen such a delivery ever attempted in their entire life, and the supposedly stillborn responding to the chants of “all is well” which, by the way, he had been listening to since inside the womb (reminds me of Abhimanyu, learning only the way inside to Chakryavyuha from Arjun while still in the womb of his mother, Subhadra, seemingly interrupted by Krishna so as to avoid being killed by the re-incarnated Kamsa) followed by an emotional grandfather, erstwhile villain, declaring and setting the new born free to choose his course in life!

The biggest reason for my tirade is that this is Aamir’s movie! The same guy who was in “Rang de Basanti”, who made “Taare Zameen Pe”. They were movies, and they too had cliches, but not in the absolute stare-in-the-face kinds, they were real, they were true to life! And this movie was marked to be true to life. This is an out-and-out bollywood movie, nothing more. It is not true to life. If you want to look at real lives of engineering students, watch “Happy Days”. You want to see honesty? Look at the face of the guy attending the Microsoft interview or the attempt by the senior to help his junior with whom he always had a bad relationship.

Except maybe in the message that how engineering students spend their lives learning nothing, just lots of equations and formulae, and I really wonder if the message goes across to thousands and hordes of South-Indian parents thinking thinking engineering is the only ticket to a good life. But the same message is delivered better by the book, and a way lot better than the movie.

I never thought I would say this but “Hello”, the adaptation of “One night at the call center” was a better movie than this! Please Aamir, please don’t make us suffer such a movie again.

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  1. anil said:

    Commmon Bro the mOvie was gud …ofcorse a typical bolly Movie:)

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