Dancing on glass

Well one more new thing today. I went to a theater nearby, the “Ranga Shankara” and saw my first play “Dancing on glass”. It is a black comedy on the lives of BPO employees and was produced by the group AEIF. The whole play had just two people in it, but they were good. It was a good experience. It was seemingly a top medium play, as rated by a regular at the theater I met. For me, it was like walking onto the sets of “Pyaasa’”, with all the over hanging lights, etc.

The play in itself was a mixed bag, with all the fun elements of an independent life being led by the BPO generation, albeit one in which they are continually under stress, living on alternate timelines; of room mates who never get to see each other; having to not only deal with their own day-to-day peskiness but others’ too; of a girl’s practical approach to life making herself question if she is a heartless bitch. The two actors were really great. The ending was a bit too sudden, but I am sure all theater lovers would, if nothing, at least have a good laugh there.

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