Monthly Archives: October 2009

Life magazine has, I guess, one of the finest collection of photographs taken for at least over a century. Here, I am starting a link to their site with some very interesting photos from around the world.

That said, it is sad that not all of them tell what they say. For example, here is a photo essay which titles, “America’s wars: Bloodiest Battles”. However, except for the first few on it’s civil war and the last on Vietnam, there is nothing more in them that talk of the American wars!”

Make what you may of these images.

An American father is being mistreated in Japanese jail. Which I agree is bad.

But how come CNN is totally ignorant and doesn’t know anything about one Vikram Budhi!? They’re just so blind to things happening in their own backyard but take the baton whenever something happens to US citizens outside their country!

CNN, please wake up! Your Indian counterpart is talking on it. So should you.