List of great movies…

The other day my sister and I were discussing movies when I told her I hadn’t watched a particular one which was quite a hit. She asked me why I hadn’t and I got to thinking what was the criterion I set for myself to go to a movie. I really couldn’t determine why I, given a choice would go to a movie. The first impression is always the trailer. Next is the cast. I wasn’t too good at remembering directors but of late I’m trying to. For Hindi movies it usually also includes the music. But I think the major factor is the ‘X’ factor. I cannot put my finger and say what exactly it is but there is a certain quirkiness that is requried to make the film appealing.

I watch lots and lots of movies. Majority of them are not so great and I see them just to spend time. But there are few which really struck a chord and it was a treat to watch them. Of course not all of them lived up to their expectations, but few did and how! I now present a list of movies which I think are absolutely a treat to watch. And they are not presented here as a graded list, it would be criminal to compare any two of them.

1. The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – The absolute trickery of mind is marvellous to watch.

2. The Dark Knight – for the Joker, nothing more, nothing less.

3. The Godfather – what a story, what a picture, and what a music!!!

4. Titanic – my first English movie in a theater (?) Great settings and gripping filmmaking

5. The Thin Red Line – an absolutely marvelous war movie; again outstanding music

6. Lord of Rings – return of the king – for creating that city of white marble, for the presentation of Anduril and for Aaragon (well I now checked and the guy is called ‘Aragorn’!) the ghost’s army and the music…

7. The Garden State – for both the story and my favorite actors, Zach Braff and Natalie Portman.

In Hindi:

1. Rang De Basanti – best to pump yourself with something more than patriotism

2. Dil Chahta Hai – oh, what a movie for friends….

3. Sholay – the one and only

4. Iqbal – Shreyas’ debut was real good

5. Dev D – the latest on the list, and that fellow is doing some damn good work in off beat films…. a wrong flower in the clan of Deols…

The list will keep getting updated…

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