Daily Archives: October 2, 2008

1/4 life

Well that’s a catchy phrase, “quarter-life-crisis”! I had so many time heard the more familiar “mid-life-crisis” term and sometimes wondered what it would be like! I was grappling with thin air for the last couple of months to understand what was wrong with me when I chanced upon this term today and now I totally understand! So what is ‘quarter-life-crisis’ and how does it feel like, take my example!

Here I am, a guy who has completed his 25 years on planet Earth but does not have an iota of knowledge of where he is and where he is going to! I have a job, and a good job at that too! I have got great parents, very great buddy in my bro & sis-in-law and am now a proud uncle to a beautiful girl; and I think I have a great set of roommates and friends! I am working away from home, being “independent!”, and don’t even have to bother about cooking my food. I have grandiose career plans and am working hard(ly?) towards them.

So whats wrong with the pretty picture? Thats it! It’s pretty! It’s goddamned too pretty! (And of course the fact that to make my grandiose plans true I need hard targets but mine are as of now only modest.) No direction. Drift-wood. You know its like being on a boat which until now was being towed by other boats and all of a sudden I have taken all tows into my hand and voila, the river has just dipped! For a fellow who spends lot of time counselling others and, at least making an honest attempt to solve others’ problems, I can’t iron out the wrinkles on my own life!

Well I found out what it feels like to be in some type of life-crisis and hope I don’t meet the next one, though I feverently hope that I dont’ wake up one day and realise the next one’s in before the old one’s out. As they say identifying the problem is the first step in solving any problem I wish it was the only one (or it seems like a very big step, ‘coz I’ve been on this step for quite some time.) Now all I need to do is find the solution. I will when I find out where its hiding.

Me and my pairs of socks

There was one bit of me that I wanted to tell everyone. Ok, don’t ask me why I want to do that, its just an urge. You too might’ve read somewhere that if you look at yourself from a third-man’s perspective you will find a lot about yourself. I don’t know how much it helps but I do that and I found out that I didn’t really like the person.

Take the case of twenty odd pairs of socks! TWENTY PAIRS! My dad reads this he will blow the lid off. He used to be under the impression that I was spending a lot of my money on my calls, but truth be told it is to satiate those feet that there is such a big hole in my pocket (old expression right, but couldn’t find a new one). And I just can’t pull myself to wash them! It kills me nearly each time that I try to wash them, so they end up in packed plastic bags for days together (sorry mum, I lied to you. Those pairs that you wouldn’t even touch with tweezers are couple of couple of months old, not few weeks). I juuust can’t do it! It gets to me! As if some bad omen might befallen me and curse me, which of course would happen if I wear them to office. Comeon, snuff and cologne isn’t gonna fool everyone, and especially women!

So the solution is buy a new pair each week! Thats how I surprise and amaze myself and others by trying to buy a new pair of socks everytime I visit a store, so that I can live off them for a week and I can ward off washing them for one more week. Ok I know now that the question has popped in your mind that how come I have only twenty pairs then, but of course I was lying! Don’t I have the right to defend myself, with a bit of truth! So I end by saying ‘Salute’ to my brave roommates and office-mates for their continuous support and not kicking me out.


P.S.: The utter urge to debase onself in front of the entire world is also one indicator of quarter-life-crisis, so please be careful. In case you have any of the above symptoms please consult a doctor immediately. I am always free!