My piece of sunshine

Well, my dear friends, my life as it stands now, is actually squatting. It has become staid. I guess everyone gets to this stage but I have come here too soon. And I have been coming here too often these days. Work is good, I am doing good projects. But I am not satisfied. Work is challenging but not challenging enough intellectually. I am using all the faculties I have but not much of my brain. It is slowly becoming rote. Of course I am learning a lot of stuff, a lot of technical and non-technical stuff but it is not stimulating enough. You know it is like a cup of coffee without much caffeine, you will like it, but it will not invigorate you.

You wake up in the morning, go about your routine, go to office, do your ‘job’, eat your lunch, talk to your colleagues, chat with your friends, make phone calls, talk long distance, browse through loads and loads of bits and bytes, sift through information, have couple of cups of coffee, discuss projects with bosses, and how, it is evening. Again have a cup of coffee with friends, talk with your friends, walk through back to your ‘room’/’house’/’abode’, sit in front of the Idiot Box, and watch whatever crap comes on it, laugh with the funny and even not so funny jokers on it, sing along to your favourite or not so favourite songs, comment on the heroes and heroines, villains and how they act, watch the depressing news with ever increasing bile in your mouth, watch the bulls and bears fight it out, watch wacky cartoons with great animations, try to avoid the soap operas with repeated cuts to faces and cross angles, eat your dinner prepared by your cook, sit in front of the computer, play games, browse net, chat with friends and family, talk with your parents back home (of course you are living away from home), and if you happen to have a girl friend, find time to talk to her, (while doing all the above) and voila! IT’S NIGHT!!!! So get to the bed, spread a sheet over you, make sure it is covering all grounds and doze off into another wonderful night of sleep! Wow, what a day it was! Wasn’t it great!

Yes I have a life lot easier than many of us. I do not have to wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning to catch a bus/auto/train (or maybe all of them) and commute for couple of hours to my office where I have to anyway do all the above and the picture wouldn’t be much prettier. I must admit there are few things that are far better for me than others and I bet so many of us would give anything to have such a life where you are not bothered by the vagaries and demands of life, but let me tell you that this is not for which we were born as humans on this planet. If it was routine that mama earth wanted us to follow it would have made a machine, not a man/woman. There must be some ulterior purpose for our lives, a greater driving force than the pursuit of bread, clothes and shelter (the (in?)famous trio of roti, kapda aur makan); well honestly, since I’m getting this part quite easily I think I am not much bothered by it, but if I lose it I guess that will become my utmost priority; but what is the true motive force, the emf for my life, my little piece of sunshine? I have not found it yet but my search in this darkness continues.

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