Victim of my own Lethargy

I have to admit it (though no one asked me to!) I am a victim of my own lethargy. I’ve got enough inertia to hold the earth running in its motion for another billion years with another big bang happening right next to it! All it would have to do is give a litlle shrug, as if it were flicking off a fly from its body.

But why, why DO I have to put up with myself!!!!? I don’t wash clothes properly; if its done once in a month it would be absolutely great! I have got a collection of socks that would last any modern Indian cricketer for a century! Heck my own legs haven’t felt the touch of soap for last couple of millenia… who will bend so low!!!! The clothes and paraphernalia (I had to refer the dictionary to look up this word’s spelling; why do they have to make words so hard!!!?) strewn on my bed have now become fossils. I didn’t even dare look under the bed! The dust collected on my computer’s table and monitor is enough for constructing another Taj Mahal, albeit a mud one. I can anytime give the princess-with-long-haired-by-which-the-prince-can-climb-castles a run for her money, or to that matter our very own great sadhus and sants with the state of my unkempt hair. I would have stopped even brushing teeth if only I hadn’t hated my own stinking bad breath so much… These are but only few characteristic traits that spring into my mind for ready recollection (alas I don’t have wand to draw them and put them in a bottle, that would have been so easy and useful.)

Enough of my self-bitching, but there it is, in the public… (Hope I can pull myself off this chair and get to bed)

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