Everyone says love hurts… They are people who really don’t know that there is something far worse than love… it’s called friendship. It hurts, and man it’s hard. A broken heart is nothing compared to blasted friendships… People can get on with broken hearts and fizzled loves but broken friendships are hard to bear… you share your mind, heart and soul with friends…

You fight with lovers you can sit have a chat with your friends… but what if you fight with friends? And what about cases where all the root cause of it was just a simple misunderstanding and your friend stops talking! You have apologized but still they wouldn’t budge! What do they want of you!? Yes one can say, you’ve done your work, if they don’t listen to, just walk on… you can’t do much. But hey, do you really think that it is so easy!? Is that what friends are for!? Just walk on… Just don’t give a damn about them!??! Man it get’s on to your nerves… It hurts… And there is no damn thing you can do about it! And the worst part of it is if you see them everyday… can’t get away from them… The sadness swells and engulfs you but there is no one to give you a hand because the one who can help you is the one who is now hurting you more… And you really have to be the one sinking to know how it feels…

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  1. Sirisha said:

    whose example is this….

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