My English madam

I was doing my intermediate, +2, at a private college in my home town. We bunch of guys were just out of school and tasting the first instances of freedom. Obvsiously we’re quite a rowdy bunch and it did take a lot for our lecturers to restrain us. Of course there were still a few of us, a little extent to me included, who were still getting cold feet at the prospects of ruffling the feathers of lecturers. Being one of the more dimunitive students of the class my mischief was in proportion to it; just a little fun here and there.

There was a petite lady teaching us English. She was shorter than me. And it turned out she taught at a notorious Government college of the city which meant she had to deal with a far greater rowdy gang. Here there was always a little fear of being spotted by some lecturer and then taken to task. For them, or so we felt, there were no such inhibitions. There was a guy in our class, quite a tall guy. Put it simply my madam on top of my madam would’ve been equal in his height. Being tall, well built, he was the obvious brat boy of the class – no gentle giants did we have then.

So one evening we were all going back from college thorough the smaller rows behind our college. She rode a very small scooty. We were all boisterously cat calling at passer-byes. So from behind our back she passed by on her bike and my friend shouted her name loudly. I froze. For all my bravado with my friends I thought it was a very bad idea that he did so, she would stop her bike, find us and take us to task— I thought, god, we’re in for trobule.

But very coolly she didn’t even stop the bike… she just waved us from the bike and left. No stopping, no angry shouting, no dressing down, no lessens that we should not shout at elders…. Just a simple wave without even turning back! I was dumb stuck… and so was my friend… That was a great lesson we learnt that day… how to deal with rowdy people. The picture of her waving will be imprented in my mind for ever.

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