I am back…

I hope this cliche, now immortalised by the our dear Arnie, comes true at least time for me…. I’ve been off the circuit for quite some time… Had so much of things going through my life, but didn’t just get the time to put them on web… by this you can guess how well I’m connected to the web…

 Still some might say this is just a silly excuse… everyone has the same 24 hours… And I totally agree with them, not just the lack of time but the very lack of a driving force kept me away from writing a blog…

Still I think it is time for me to mend my ways and get back online. Not just to share what others say but also to add my own thoughts. Well if you say that is why anyone ever writes a blog, hmmm… i’ve to just agree with you and say I’m just adding my words to the definition.

 So whats up with me? I’ve changed my job and am now working in a private firm doing my little bit for the sake of the environment. Not much of any original contribution, as of now i must add, but a small contribution indeed. To put it more clearly I’m now embarking on a journey whose end is positive contribution to the environment. How I do it is the challange.

I’ve even shifted my home. Rather, my parents have shifted and we’re now Bangaloreans, no longer Vizagites. It’s a wee bit strange to move on from a place you are so accustomed to to an altogether new city. Well, thats life. As my favorite actress’s character puts in the movie “Garden State“That’s life. If nothing else, its life. It’s real, and sometimes it fuckin’ hurts, but it’s sort of all we have.” The hurting part is most applicable to the ppl who died in the recent Hyderabad blast… Imagine going to a recreation spot and getting blown off by a bomb!!! That’s really sad… More on this later.

And then my brother got married. Thats was a great thing… He got his soul mate and me I got someone who’ll be on my side when we try to torment him… Unfortunately he is more adept at it… but we’ll try and keep trying until we conquer him…

So thats it for now… more from tomorrw on…

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