Daily Archives: September 12, 2006

Last year a guy from France came to our college on an exchange program. We saw him in our college quite a few times and wondered from where did this fellow land from!? We speculated he was from Australia or New Zealand but could never have guessed he was from France.

He was eating in our own mess in the nights and thought, “Oh god! This fellow is never going to like the food here!” It was always rice or a rice variety, sometimes chapatis and such. We thought “What luck! He would have been happily eating his favourite food back home!” Luckily for him he got one of the best rooms in our campus with an AC too. Still the weather will be so different from his place that we could often see him sweating loads!

During his dinner trips he was usually surrounded by other fellows from our college and so we never ventured out to meet him. But one night we found he was eating alone and me and few of our gang went and sat next to him. And so started a great friendship with me and Peter Cagnoli. The fellows command over english is marvellous! I see his mail and am absolutely stunned at how beautifully he can craft words! He is one great guy!