Accidents and Sickness…

These are one things that we all try to avoid. However, sometimes we fail. Just not becuase of our faults but out of pure chance! Its all a matter of fractions of seconds that make a lot of difference in many lives!

A friend of mine got hurt in an accident and is now battling for life in hospital. No one knows how she met with the accident. Two more guys were alongwith her. Both of them are now in the same state though one is fortunately out of immediate danger. She was but just recently engaged. That indeed is the irony of life.

And the other part is sickness. And I’m speaking especially of people suffering from cancer, in any of its forms. It is slowly becoming the single major factor killing millions of people all around the globe. Blame it on whatever factor, like pollution, smoking, tobacco or whatever, it’s just not the people suffering from the diseae who suffer but also their kith and kin. And our relatives seem to be high on cancer’s hit list. I can count six of our immediate family members having battled cancer in many of it’s forms and die. It doesn’t spare anyone. Neither a mum of two less than 10 year old children, nor an army veteran.

Cancer must be battled and as they say hope even my enemy’s don’t get that!

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