Daily Archives: March 25, 2006

Well there are some sort of people you won’t forget in your life… I am sure such people come across us in all walks of life… But a student’s life is one in which such incidents have the most easiest of circumstances assissting.

Now I have met a Keralite by the name Sajineesh. He is, what you can say, an average Keralite. He very regularly and meticulously goes to a temple (whichever is nearby), has a wavy hair, a bushy moustache, and has the typical malayaali accent. Anyone who has met one will remember how they pronounce “Office” with an emphasis on the first ‘o’ as in owe!

He is, actually sitting right next to me seeing me type these. Thankfully he isn’t such a “stallone” or “arnie” to take vengence on me and so I take that chance to write further… But ok, he is now staring at me so I will keep this for some further time…

Just to take him back on my side I’ll say he is a good guy!