I meet an old friend…

Well, this is the best thing that has happened since a long time… I have caught up with a dear old friend of mine, Vinodh. We were classmates and benchmates at Vikas Jr. College. Though we were together for, I think a little over one year, I rank him as one of my closest friends.

After we bid goodbye to each other that afternoon, six years back, I couldn’t again get in touch with him. I tried the internet and my other classmates with whom I stayed in touch, but I couldn’t get any information. But once I got a supposed address and I tried, but couldn’t reach him.

Now, just yesterday I remembered that he was as much tech savy as me and so I guessed he would have definitely started a blog of his own. and when I checked it, yes he had! This was amazing!!! Thank you so very much internet for once again proving to be more easier medium of communication and connection!

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