Daily Archives: March 1, 2006

This has been an interesting question for me for so many days… Why do pockets love 100 rupee notes? If you ask me how I say that look at what happens when you change them!

 For example you take two 100 rupee notes from your ATM and then change one for a coffe and breakfast of 20/- rupees then by the next hour that you check your pocket, there is only the 50 rupee note (if you get one in change) left in your pocket! The rest has just vanished!!!

 I think there is something much more deeper involved in it than simple maths. I seriously think the pocket loves the 100 rupee note and when you change it, its heart breaks! It just doesn’t like the change in it and especially 10 rupee notes! It should really consider them as its children from its love affair with the 100 rupee note, even though that lasted for few minutes!!! But instead, like a wicked step mum she just throws them away!

 This is just another sad story…