Monthly Archives: March 2006

 Yesterday I had a strange dream…(don’t tell me all dreams are strange). I saw Sachin Tendulkar in it. He was boarding a bus that I was already in. Now why would somebody who is an awesome cricketer and incidentally has made millions of dollors (or crores of rupees) have to board a commoner’s bus? Well, I didn’t ask and he didn’t tell.

Though strange, I don’t think it is difficult to understand why I saw him in my dream. We have been pounded in the media about his declining form, the (in)famous booing off Mumbai field, and from every street expert. The whole thing was playing in my mind almost wherever I went.

When I woke up the next day and remembered the dream I had, it made me think. I wondered what I would say (which was indeed I wondered even in my dream; apparently I didn’t speak to him even in dream) to him if ever (in the randomest possibility of nature) I meet him. (I’m happy with the uncertainity of the universe; it will give me a chance to meet him, albeit a very small one)

I think the first thing to say would be “Thank you!” For all the years of entertainment he provided for us. The inspiration he gave and still gives to youngsters to pursue their dream. Also the sort of dominance he had on the players. Some might eagerly grab on what I said, ‘he had’ and not ‘he has’. Well since I can only see the past and tell conclusively, I say ‘he had’. Whether he has in him still or not, can and should be answered by none other than him. He is the judge, the force and the inspiration behind himself.

People say that he did not produce a gem of an innings where he single handedly won a game for India. They judge him by all sorts of statistics, figures and match results. They ask if he has ever done something Kapil Dev did in 1983 World Cup. But let them ask again how many times could he himself repeat the feat? They forget the kinds of innings he had to play through, the kind of team he led during his brief stint as a captain and the kind of gluing force he exudes in the team.

All in all let the Man, who made himself, who strode out in every match with just not his own expectations but also of countless cricket fans, who marvelled at his timing, at his ‘perfect’ straight drive, his cuts, his pulls and the inventor of the ‘paddle sweeps’; decide which way he ends his career. If it be now, or few years later.

Well there are some sort of people you won’t forget in your life… I am sure such people come across us in all walks of life… But a student’s life is one in which such incidents have the most easiest of circumstances assissting.

Now I have met a Keralite by the name Sajineesh. He is, what you can say, an average Keralite. He very regularly and meticulously goes to a temple (whichever is nearby), has a wavy hair, a bushy moustache, and has the typical malayaali accent. Anyone who has met one will remember how they pronounce “Office” with an emphasis on the first ‘o’ as in owe!

He is, actually sitting right next to me seeing me type these. Thankfully he isn’t such a “stallone” or “arnie” to take vengence on me and so I take that chance to write further… But ok, he is now staring at me so I will keep this for some further time…

Just to take him back on my side I’ll say he is a good guy!

Sanskrit… The great language. I am fourtunate to have studied it for five years of my life when I was in school. The slokas that I learnt during these years, though I won’t say i remember them all which would be a lie, have been with me.

There is indeed great melody and beauty in it. What I truly like about this is the ease with which you can interchange the words in it without affecting the meaning… “Sah kutra gachati?” is same as “Kutra gachati sah?” is a great site to follow.

I have to write more about it… but soon.

Well, this is the best thing that has happened since a long time… I have caught up with a dear old friend of mine, Vinodh. We were classmates and benchmates at Vikas Jr. College. Though we were together for, I think a little over one year, I rank him as one of my closest friends.

After we bid goodbye to each other that afternoon, six years back, I couldn’t again get in touch with him. I tried the internet and my other classmates with whom I stayed in touch, but I couldn’t get any information. But once I got a supposed address and I tried, but couldn’t reach him.

Now, just yesterday I remembered that he was as much tech savy as me and so I guessed he would have definitely started a blog of his own. and when I checked it, yes he had! This was amazing!!! Thank you so very much internet for once again proving to be more easier medium of communication and connection!

This has been an interesting question for me for so many days… Why do pockets love 100 rupee notes? If you ask me how I say that look at what happens when you change them!

 For example you take two 100 rupee notes from your ATM and then change one for a coffe and breakfast of 20/- rupees then by the next hour that you check your pocket, there is only the 50 rupee note (if you get one in change) left in your pocket! The rest has just vanished!!!

 I think there is something much more deeper involved in it than simple maths. I seriously think the pocket loves the 100 rupee note and when you change it, its heart breaks! It just doesn’t like the change in it and especially 10 rupee notes! It should really consider them as its children from its love affair with the 100 rupee note, even though that lasted for few minutes!!! But instead, like a wicked step mum she just throws them away!

 This is just another sad story…