My first poem…

Ok, there is no need to panic…. Its just simple and though i am not much satisfied by the way it has come to, I think we can manage it…

 The swiftest thing in the world,

 That which can scale a mountain

 Fathom the depths of ocean

 Watch a beautiful sunset

 Smelling the evening blossoms,

 Taking a dip in a lake

 Crssing by vast plains

 Touching the skies sinking in the seas,

 Floating in clouds,

 Embracing the stars playing with the moon,

 Sleeping on a bare rock

 Gentle breeze caressing our bodies,

 Diving with fishes

 Running with deers

 Gliding with doves

 Twittering by butterflies

 Lying at peaks…

 A guest to nature’s feast

 For the senses…

 Its our wandering hearts,

 Our wandering souls…

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