Daily Archives: February 15, 2006

Ok, I am not a great memorizer. I can’t remember what happened today morning… And so imagine how difficult it will be for me to remeber so many passwords, so many e mail ids? I tried to solve the problem with a single password, but it turned out that I forgot even that and that alongwith no proper net access imparied me from updating this page.

 Well, now that I am back with a new password, let us hope I can keep things straight at least for few days. But my project is conspiring with the elemnts and threatens to keep me busy for quite some time… So, lets see when I can get the next chance to update this.

 One more thing. How does one feel when their shoes are lost? I went to a temple after so many months and 😦 I lost shoes… May they bite the fellow who took them…

 Until next time….