Monthly Archives: January 2006

Call it chance, call it luck… whatever!!! I am at IITM and that too at the time of Saarang! I must have really been blind never to have known about this cultural fest!!! It is simply amaaaaaaaazing and awesome!!! I couldn’t have ever dreamed of more!!!

Here they are playing all forms of music (read, all forms I like)!!! Rock, classical, pop! Add to this the one night show by S.E.L. need any introductions? It was brilliant!!! Of course it was my first attendance to any concert and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!!!

So, all in all, its been a wonderful week for me here!!!

 Today I returned from home. I suddenly felt very sad. I did not want to leave my place. Previously I never felt so homesick. I feel that I am not such a big fellow after all…

 And now I have to start my project in earnest. So, keeping myself busy might actually help me kee my mind off my home…

Well, hello folks!

 At last I am here! And this is one relation thats gonna stay with me for ever!

 So, first, meet me! The world calls me Siddharth; I shorten it sometimes to Sid. From India I am mad about cricket, Sachin, Rahul Dravid, Sehwag and all; try to watch at least a movie a day on TV; have seen many English, Hindi and Telugu movies. Oh yes, Telugu is my mother tounge which makes me an Andhrite…

 And so, I am ready and rearing to go on with blogging… see you soon!